Keegan Consulting Group Recommends - Final for 2013

Welcome to Keegan Consulting Group Recommends.

Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is about various things we as a group have found either online or in print and is the very last for 2013.  As a group we often tell each other about articles we have read, keeping each other informed of upcoming developments and things that have influenced, excited or shaped our thinking.  With Christmas over and New Year celebrations looming large, we thought we would end the year with something close and personal to many of us in the group.

With the above in mind, this week’s Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is about women going into STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering).  Some of us are parents of young girls and we are interested in trying to show them as many interesting and varying ways in which they should not be limited when they are formulating ideas about who they are and what they want to be in life.   

Rocket-Women blog – Vinita Marwaha (Operations Engineer for the International Space Station)

We subscribe to a lot of things of Twitter to try and keep up to speed what is happening in the world (sometimes) at the very moment it happens.  Many times our feed fills up with the news of the day, but we noticed on many occasions that Vinita would be retweeted.  Upon reading her blog posts, we were so inspired with what she is trying to do, we decided to feature them here.

Below are some of her blogs we follow and would now recommend.  Vinita Marwaha is a very inspiring woman, who has one of the coolest jobs in the world – and one our daughter’s should take inspiration from.

You can follow Vinita Marwaha on Twitter @Rocket_Woman1


Thanks and so long 2013

Finally, we also wanted to say thank-you to all that have been following us and we hope that you have a very Happy New Year.  We have many things planned for 2014 and we encourage you to keep a close eye on us this blog or via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn - #rockon2014

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