Active, engaged business learners in front of a facilitator.
  • Looking for education solutions for executives?

  • Have a new Learning Management System (LMS) and need designers to maximise the potential of the new system?

  • Need everyone in the business to be process experts?

  • Looking to change the direction of your business to be more innovative?

  • Going to China and need to know more than just the language?

  • Do you know the basics of Chinese Social Media?

  • Do you know where to eat, what to eat and how to get there?

We can help

We love learning and we have a passion for training, coaching and developing staff and executives within any organisation.

How does work for you?

Our trainers aren't just industry experts, they are inspiring and qualified professionals who enjoy stretching themselves to continuously find new ways to engage the learner for better retention and long-lasting outcomes. 

We have partnered with suppliers, businesses and industry experts to ensure each learner is able to fully engage with content presented.  We create testing measuring learning outcomes, generating data and statistics to validate learning outcomes.

What we do...

Mandarin for Business

Get more than just the Chinese language. Understand how to behave in meetings; understand how to travel around China; understand the importance placed on a business card to your Chinese counterparts.

We go beyond normal Mandarin classes to ensure you are able to successfully do more than just business in China.

Mandarin for Business is a five (5) stage course, providing comprehensive understanding of how to do business in China.

Board, Executive, "C" Suite and middle management

  • Thought leadership and leadership development

  • Innovation across the enterprise

  • Executive, Key-note and Public Speaking Workshops

  • Executive coaching including working to achieve strategic alignment

  • Training and support post process re-design

  • Tips for Competitive High Touch Influence

  • Leadership Development including Personal Branding

  • Mediation

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