• Are you seeking to define and champion opportunity for everyone?

  • Are you struggling within your organisation to achieve compliance in human rights?

  • Does your company/business need to governance structures to achieve diversity and equitable practices?

  • Does there need to be more HR in HR?

We can help

Our experienced professionals work with government authorities and Human Resources to establish policy ensuring both legal and legislative compliance.  

We are able to work with the business to champion opportunity for all through existing communication channels, training and support and by promoting Equal Opportunity and inclusive practices.

Our expertise lies in our industry experience in both the public and private sectors.  Our consultants specialize in compliance, assisting business to navigate the complexities of government mandated legislation.

What we do

  • Promoting Equal Opportunity in an organisational context

  • Coaching, training and support

  • Review and development of strategies

  • Development of policy and procedures for Equal Opportunity

  • Compliance with legislative requirements

  • Assist businesses with compliance with state government legislation ensuring integration with existing HR policies

  • Delivering governance and strategy to achieve equitable workplace environments

  • Work with businesses to champion opportunity within the organisation and within the public forum