We love aerospace.. and drones.

In the world if aerospace, it is getting harder and more confusing every day to make the right decisions for yourself or for your business. So many decisions need to be made.

Do you find yourself struggling to cope with...

  • Return on investment?

  • Technology to suit individual needs and desired outcomes?

  • Integration with existing technology (moisture, trough and other sensors) via satellite?

  • Launching payloads to LEO and GEO - which provider can carry your payload to orbit?

  • Taking advantage of launch capabilities in the Australian Market?

  • Operating your drone BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)?

  • Transmission over long distances (within regulations)? Who to contact for approval?

  • Applying to CASA to launch or fly your drone?

  • Understanding your risk profile?

  • Obtaining government funding for your new rocket or drone?

  • Small satellites and more…

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then the team from Keegan Consulting Group offers aerospace management services for ALL your needs.

How does Keegan Consulting Group work for you?

Josh is the Owner/Director of the group and is also passionate about Australian Aerospace, the Australian Space Industry and drones. He heads up KCG’s Aerospace and drone management services.  He is able to draw on over 20+ years experience guiding global corporations, state and local governments and non-for-profits to achieve the necessary technological outcomes to enhance the way business is done.  He an efficiency expert at heart, he is able to guide you and your business, through the potential quagmire of getting the right outcomes from the right products for the right situation to setting up potential customers ready to buy.  Combine this with the experts and partnerships at Keegan Consulting Group, we are able to provide realistic, real-world returns all while integrating your new technology with existing systems.

KCG has formed partnerships with suppliers, businesses and experts in the aviation industry to provide you and your business with solid outcomes for your launch or create the drone which is right for your needs.


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Australia is a BIG place! Our population is on both the East and the West Coasts with nothing much in the middle. Looking at it from overseas, this looks like the perfect place to bring an experimental aircraft/drone or rocket.

Speaking again with Keith Tonkin from Aviation Projects, in Episode 3 of Aviation Corner we explore there is a little more to understand about Australia before bringing in experimental aircraft.

For Episode 2 of Aviation Corner, Josh Keegan (CEO of Keegan Consulting Group) managed to catch up with Keith Tonkin, Managing Director of Aviation Projects to talk about his most favoured topic - the Australian Space Industry. Keith and Josh have known each other for years and Keith's business is all about things to do with aviation, including approvals for Wind Power Stations.

Josh decided to take a "leap of faith" and ask him all about the potential of launching from Australia....turns out he knows a LOT!

This episode of Aviation Corner we explore launching a rocket from Australian soil and what permissions are needed to get to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for commercial operators.

This is the very first episode of Aviation Corner with the Managing Director of Aviation Projects, Keith Tonkin. In this video, both Josh Keegan (CEO of Keegan Consulting Group) and Keith talk about the upcoming changes to drone legislation in Australia and how it will impact pilots of remote aircraft.