• Looking to have an app developed for your business?

  • Are you seeking integration of your existing legacy system with the new web GUI?

  • Migrating systems, but are sick of the usual roll-out, roll-back, fix the errors and rollout again?

  • Looking for solutions to IT issues?

  • Are you seeking a solid strategy for your IT?

  • Are you looking to get the most out of Social Media but unsure of where to start?

We can help

We work with individual businesses on their technological requirements, utilising our in-depth skills and experience to deliver benefits.  

We can help our clients develop policies in the ever evolving world of IT and explore the different technological options available for solving problems within businesses.

How does this work for you?

Our expertise lies in the experience of our consultants who are not only experts in their respective fields, but have gained real outcomes in multiple industries to guide you through the maze of IT.

What we do

Social Media

  • Develop IT strategy, governance structures and policies including fair use and social media through a Digital Strategy

  • Manage the business' Social media utilizing the most experienced resources

  • Provide analytics of each media stream used by the business to provide 'real time' feedback on marketing campaigns across all social media

  • Work with the business to develop engaging content and marketing strategy to gain new customers

  • Facilitate workshops on social media benefits, etiquette and 'How To'


  • Provide middle-ware platform to connect disparate legacy systems with new COTS software eliminating the need for data migration, returning the decision back to the business

  • Provide businesses with living data models and real time information

  • Integration of disparate systems to provide your business with information on your terms

App Development

  • Develop of apps across all major OS platforms including iOS, Android and Windows

  • Full integration and augmentation of existing systems and software



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