At Keegan Consulting Group, we have delivered a wide-range of workshops in many different areas.  Many workshops we have undertaken have been bespoke for the individual client as, in many cases, as in with clothing a 'one-size-fits-all' approach never fits all.

Websites and selling online

  • Choosing an appropriate online presence

  • Creating and managing a website

  • Assessing opportunities for online sales

Social media and digital marketing

  • Choosing an appropriate social media presence

  • Creating a social media account and content

  • Developing digital marketing strategies for social media and web-based advertising

Using small business software

  • Choosing the right software for managing sales, accounts and payroll, and customer relationships

  • Maximising the benefits of management software

Online security and data privacy

  • Assessing and managing cyber security threats

  • Meeting customer data privacy obligations

  • Protecting customer data

Understanding the ‘As-Is’

  • Mapping of existing processes to understand the business

  • Working with end users and Subject Matter Experts to capture business processes, identify opportunities and project risks


Lunchbox Series - Keegan Consulting Group

"Lunchbox Series" workshops have been held over one (1) hour in combination with collaborative partners in both Toowoomba and Brisbane.  Topics under the "Lunchbox Series" have been wide and diverse with speakers talking from areas of expertise about things they are passionate about.  Examples of topics have included:

  • Personal Branding: How to become a stand-out thought leader in your industry;

  • Business Basics;

  • Understanding the Benefits of Business Process Management for Business;

  • Top tips for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace;

  • Tips for Competitive High Touch Influence;

  • Preventing Conflict in the Workplace;

  • Secrets to Building High Performance Teams;

  • A Guide to Climate Change Communication

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