At Keegan Consulting Group we have completed a range of workshops, for both public and private industry.  Many workshops we have undertaken have been bespoke for each individual client and are not 'one-size-fits-all'.  Below are some examples of workshops we have been able to deliver for a range of different clients.

Financial Services Client

A large-scale national financial services client was looking to embark on the Business Process Management journey and was seeking expertise in workshop facilitation. We were able to create a series of workshops for staff on Business Process Modelling successfully delivering:

  • Introduction to Business Process Management and Business Process Modelling;
  • Intermediate Business Process Modelling and the benefits of the discipline, 
  • Advanced Business Process Modelling and the stages of maturity of Business Process Management within organisations;

With each of the workshops, a range of participant workbooks and materials were developed to compliment and embed information for each participant.

Insurance Services Client

A large-scale multinational insurance client was looking for expertise with modelling in Event-Driven Process Chains. We were able to organize and facilitate the workshop for the client within five (5) business days allowing staff to:

  • Create and author process maps at the conclusion of the workshop;
  • Understand the modelling methodology for creating process maps;
  • Work with and understand the naming convention for storage of maps within the modelling software;
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of granularity and levels within modelling convention.

Lunchbox Series - Keegan Consulting Group

"Lunchbox Series" workshops have been held over one (1) hour in combination with our collaborative partners in both Toowoomba and Brisbane (see some of the photos below).  Topics under the "Lunchbox Series" have been wide and diverse with speakers talking from areas of expertise about things they are passionate about.  Examples of topics have included:

  • Personal Branding: How to become a stand-out thought leader in your industry;
  • Business Basics;
  • Understanding the Benefits of Business Process Management for Business;
  • Top tips for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace;
  • Tips for Competitive High Touch Influence;
  • Preventing Conflict in the Workplace;
  • Secrets to Building High Performance Teams;
  • A Guide to Climate Change Communication

Want a workshop conducted by one of our expert team?  Prefer a workshop on any of the above topics?  Have a specific requirement?


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