2. Mandarin for Travel

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2. Mandarin for Travel


Your Chinese business partners will formally invite you to come and experience their wonderful country to wrap-up the deal and Mandarin for Travel is able to help you out letting you successfully navigate the wonders of China!

In this course, you will learn the secrets of:

- Chinese travel apps (and which ones to use)
- Navigating hotels,
- Conquering transportation including airports, taxis, and trains
- Restaurants: what to do and how to order (and what not to order...)

Mandarin for Travel is the second of a five (5) module course setting you up to learn all about doing business in China.

Other modules include: Mandarin and Using Social Media; Mandarin for Business, Mandarin for Travel and Mandarin in Meetings.

NOTE: Price is for (5) participants and catering is included.

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If ordering an Individual Price option, there is a requirement for a minimum of five (5) participants to enrol prior to a session being run.

All courses are undertaken at the following locations unless advised otherwise:

  • Keegan Consulting Group Board Room, Level 27 32 Turbot Street, Brisbane

  • Canvas CoWorking, 1/625 Ruthven St, Toowoomba City QLD 4350