5. Mandarin for Business

Business Meeting China Negotiation Company
Business Meeting China Negotiation Company

5. Mandarin for Business


After learning all of the necessary basics including Basic Mandarin, Mandarin and Travel, Mandarin and Social Media and Mandarin in Meetings, you are more than ready to start discussing business.

Mandarin for Business is a practical four (4) hour course improving the language skills you have learnt. This key final course firmly embeds the necessary language skills to allow you to go forward and do business in the Middle Kingdom 古村

Mandarin for Business is the last of a five (5) module course setting you up to learn all about doing business in China.

Other modules include: Basic Mandarin, Mandarin and Using Social Media; Mandarin for Business, Mandarin for Travel.


NOTE: The price listed is for five (5) participants and includes catering


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If ordering an Individual Price option, there is a requirement for a minimum of five (5) participants to enrol prior to a session being run.

All courses are undertaken at the following locations unless advised otherwise:

  • Keegan Consulting Group Board Room, Level 27 32 Turbot Street, Brisbane

  • Canvas CoWorking, 1/625 Ruthven St, Toowoomba City QLD 4350