Keegan Consulting Group Recommends - The first for 2014

Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is about various things we as a group have found either online or in print and is the first for 2014!  As a group we often tell each other about articles we have read, keeping each other informed of upcoming developments and things that have influenced, excited or shaped our thinking.  With Christmas over and New Year celebrations well and truly over, Josh has decided to take the first blog for the year to reflect on something close to his heart.

Dr Phil Metzger  – Physicist/planetary scientist at NASA

If anyone follows me on Twitter (and I know from the favourites and re-tweets that you do), I am constantly fascinated with the developments in the space industry both from a government and private perspective.  I found one day my Twitter profile was lucky enough to have Dr Phil follow me (and I him) and since that day, I have found him to be an excellent source of knowledge and experience regarding everything involving the space industry.

The in-depth experience and cutting-edge research Dr Phil is involved in on a daily basis makes him not only interesting, but also exciting, eye-opening, and funny.

If there is but one person you follow on Twitter, I would highly recommend Dr Phil. 

Below are some links that will allow you to follow him on Twitter, along with links to his home page and LinkedIn profile.


Welcome to 2014!

Finally, we wanted to say welcome to 2014!

We have many things planned for 2014 with some of them launching very shortly and others coming later in the year.  As always, we encourage you to keep a close eye on us this blog or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn - #rockon2014

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Simple Strategies for Effective Office Communication

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Keegan Consulting Group Recommends - Final for 2013

This week’s Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is about women going into STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering).  Some of us are parents of young girls and we are interested in trying to show them as many interesting and varying ways in which they should not be limited when they are formulating ideas about who they are and what they want to be in life. 

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