Keegan Consulting Group Recommends

This week’s Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is all about some of the fundamental basics on starting a business.  We realised that whilst there is an absolute deluge of information available (check Google sometime), we thought it would be pertinent to point out some of those things that have helped us when helping our clients.  As a result, we have uncovered tips for those with Entrepreneurial aspirations aiming to be the next big thing and excellent practical information on how write things essential for new businesses – the Mission and Vision statements.

Three must-read articles for those on the way to becoming an Entrepreneur – Neil Fogarty

Talk in a number of articles has been around the success of people who start out with a business idea, gain money from Venture Capitalists and then become an overnight success earning billions of dollars per year (at least in IT).  We have found very little information on how someone could potentially do this in a practical sense – then we stumbled across the works of Neil Fogarty.  In the articles below, Neil articulates the first three very practical steps towards becoming an entrepreneur providing valuable insights for anyone wishing to become the next biggest thing and weathering the storm to get there.


How to Write a Mission and Vision Statement – Susan Ward

When starting a business, or even when guiding a client on how to start a business, we have found that the simpler information is presented, the easier it is to understand and ask someone to follow.  Recently, we trawled the internet attempting to find an easy and simple way of creating both Mission and Vision statements.  From our investigations we can recommend the works of Susan Ward ( who has written very easy to understand guidelines where Mission and Vision Statements can be created within minutes for those starting a business.