Networking: To Pay or Not to Pay.

Networking. We all know about it. We understand the benefits of it. We know it can help us, our businesses or our careers. We know it is better to network than to not. 

What about if networking could be achieved at minimal cost and connect you to the "right" people?  This blog by Josh Keegan, Owner/Director of the group, discusses the of such networking events and seeks to know if you are part of such events in your own local community.

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Keegan Consulting Group Recommends

Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is about various things we as a group have found either online or in print.  As a group we often tell each other about articles we have read, keeping each other informed of upcoming developments and things that have influenced, excited or shaped our thinking. 

This week’s Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is all about some of the fundamental basics on starting a business.  We realised that whilst there is an absolute deluge of information available (check Google sometime), we thought it would be pertinent to point out some of those things that have helped us when helping our clients.  As a result, we have uncovered tips for those with Entrepreneurial aspirations aiming to be the next big thing and excellent practical information on how write things essential for new businesses – the Mission and Vision statements. 

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90% Productivity Uplift from SOP’s

The introduction of SOP’s within any organisation is an easy way to quickly achieve productivity and efficiency gains and from this experience and others, I would highly recommend it as the empirical evidence suggests that at least with routine tasks, efficiencies can be gained.  This article explains how to create SOP's in 8 easy steps.

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