Dummy Spit

Stakeholder Management - Pushing Their Own Wheelbarrow (A follow-on to the Dummy Spit Model)

“Having conducted a number of workshops, both the authors have noted that there is always a participant that is pushing their own agenda regarding something that they would like to attach to your project.  It is worthwhile listening to what they are attempting to attach to your project and quickly make a decision if it is “in” or “out” of the scope of your project.  Making this decision early in the workshop prevents scope creep and the workshop and project from being derailed.  It also leads to another model the authors have found in workshops called “Pushing their own wheelbarrow” - here is that article.




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Stakeholder Management Dummy Spit Model


Josh: “I was discussing the results of one of my workshops with James where a new ‘To-Be’ process model was being proposed and summarily pulled apart out of frustration that the idea wasn’t being accepted.  During this discussion that James came up with the “Dummy Spit” model to accurately reflect what each stakeholder was going through.

The model has been built to diffuse a frustrating situation and is based upon empirical evidence gained from numerous meetings/workshops that we have either facilitated or attended.” 

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