KCG Newsletter - April 2017

Welcome to the Keegan Consulting Group newsletter for April, 2017 providing you with updates on the inner workings of KCG.

EDITORS NOTE: This newsletter has been updated to include the latest information and therefore differs from the original sent in April, 2017.

In this newsletter we talk about drones and China.

We are very proud to be facilitating the Future Drone Innovation Challenge.

Future Drone is set for 8-10 September, 2017 and brings together drone enthusiasts from across Australia and Queensland to create a vibrant Startup style entrepreneurial environment where passionate people can come together to get things done.

Speaking of drones, have you ever wanted to use them and don't know where to start?
Is the technology changing too rapidly and by the time you buy one, it will be out of date?
Like any technological investment, you need to consider it carefully and determine if it is worth the money. We can take the worry out of your new purchase.

Are you taking advantage of one of the world's biggest trading partners? Do you know the correct way to exchange business cards or how to introduce yourself without culturally offending your hosts? What are some of the most useful Chinese sentences to impress potential business partners?

Over five (5) modules, our Mandarin Basics course allows you to learn the some of the essential basics to successfully engage your Chinese business customers.

Act now and get your business ready!

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