Keegan Consulting Group Recommends

Keegan Consulting Group Recommends is about various things we as a group have found either online or in print.  As a group we often tell each other about articles we have read, keeping each other informed of upcoming developments and things that have influenced, excited or shaped our thinking.

With this issue of Keegan Consulting Group Recommends, it is we decided to feature it about only one person.  Someone who has been a complete inspiration to us; someone who in her own way is changing the world to make it a better place and doing a bloody good job!

Jennifer Wilkinson  – Enthusiastic supporter of animals and social media powerhouse

We have been following Jen Wilkinson since we joined Twitter and she has been following us. We have enjoyed her inspiring posts and quotes (from The Lorax and other from Dr Seuss), taking courage and helping to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Little did any of us realise what a force of nature and a social media powerhouse was lurking behind waiting for the right moment.

Recently, we noticed an explosion of Tweets revealing her passion ensuring the freedom of animals and that none should be kept in captivity nor should be killed unnecessarily.  So passionate has she been in the case of #blackfish and Seaworld in the US, Josh became concerned that she wasn't getting enough sleep as there seemed to be tweets almost 24 hours a day (such a Dad!)

She is rallying support of a vast online network from all over the world and is changing overall perception of animals for entertainment. Many people on Twitter simply accumulate a mass of followers just for the numbers, and then there are those who gain followers and do something to make a significant change.

For these actions, we would like you to follow her and hope that you find her as simply awe- inspiring as we have. - @thejenwilksinson


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