Keegan Consulting Group Recommends


By Josh Keegan, Owner/Director Keegan Consulting Group.

I thought I would start off the first Keegan Consulting Group Recommends by sharing some blogs I read recently relating to Personal Branding.

Recently, I have been meeting up with a number of network contacts and I have found discussions have been around what to do about this thing called “The Internet”.  To a larger extent, conversations have been around how (my contacts) can try and control their professional image by using LinkedIn (some have expressed caution around how their information can be used, and abused by others) - all reasonable concerns.

It was during these conversations that I saw how, as an individual, not only can you bend the internet to your will to degrade someone and their professional image, but I also saw how you can use the internet to promote your own “Personal Brand” and professional image in the right light (specifically, I was thinking of how everyone does this on LinkedIn).  Subsequently, my thoughts turned to how I could potentially write a blog about this to help out my contacts and others.  As I was mulling this over on a bus ride to work, Twitter pointed out someone had already done precisely that.  Below are the blogs that solidified and confirming my own thinking on Personal Branding.

Lessons Learned: On Personal Branding

Clare Herbert’s blog focusses on her lessons learned on personal branding sharing her take-aways from educational content.  It focuses on inspirational wisdom from Dorie Clark on how to use any tools available to establish your own personal brand.

You 2.0

Originally published in the Harvard Gazette, You 2.0 (again) by Dorie Clark is thought-provoking blog delving a little deeper into personal branding providing further clarification.  To take a quote from Dorie directly:

“Being able to make a narrative that is clear and crisp and will be understood by the masses is one of the best things you could do in terms of your own reinvention and your own branding in general.”