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We provide a comprehensive range of services to assist small business owners and SME's (Small to Medium Enterprise) with everything from start-up; to growth or expanding into new markets; to understanding different ways of obtaining finance. We explain things in easy-to-understand language providing support at every step of the way.  We give you to opportunity to ask as many questions as you need.

Below is an overview of information and advice provided to a number of our small businesses and SME clients:

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  • Business Action Plan determining steps to begin improving the business;

  • Marketing Strategy to position the business within Social Media for maximum impact and results;

  • Business basics advice and information for a sole trader transitioning over to a company structure;

  • Advised several small businesses and the various business policies required when taking on additional staff. Policies have included HR, IT, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensuring the business is able to continue trading even when the owner can't;

  • Provided both small businesses and SME's with guidance and support for dealing with local, state and federal legislation including compliance;

  • Guidance and advice to several small businesses and SME's on IT platforms, including cloud-based solutions, hardware and mobile devices allowing them to trade anywhere at any time;

  • Advice, assistance and guidance on business plans including market analysis and survey

  • Advised on strategic direction of each business, overall product mix and market competitive pricing;

  • Identification new revenue and income streams for the business through the provision of new products and services;

  • Practical guidance on business networking, usable language and presentation during networking events and presentations;

  • Analysis of financials for SME's including Activity Based Costing (ABC) of employees with results expressed in dollar and FTE value;

  • Website design and management to better incorporate product positioning

  • How to use Social media and how to manage it

  • Understanding contracts and agreements including Memorandums of Understanding (MoU)

  • Innovation for business and what it means

  • Workshops

Do you have an idea for business?  Would you like to expand your business?  Do you need help with the underlying basics?


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Digital Solutions Workshops

Business Station has partnered with RDA Brisbane to deliver the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions program across most of Queensland. Our very own Josh Keegan is delivering these workshops (click on the button below to find out more).