Our Senior Education Specialist at Keegan Consulting Group brings a vast wealth of training experience. Our professional has a passion for integrated learning including online delivery. 

With a background in the medical industry and an in-depth knowledge of technology, biological and anatomical sciences, her significant experience can be leveraged to ensure the individual learner is completely and effectively engaged within each workshop or training session.  She also maintains a keen interest in using technology to better enhance the overall learning experience and is fluent in understanding the needs of the learner on both the individual and on the corporate level.

A highly experienced leader, she is able to set up and successfully manage training and learning experiences for both small and large scale groups (some 200+ participants).

She is able to bring a unique learning experience, creating an environment which facilitates high order thinking and has had feedback from sessions quoting the experience as "memorable" years after the sessions have been completed. 

Key competencies:

  • Understanding of learning on both a local and international level
  • Assessment of online learning tools ensuring correct validations are in place for learners
  • Set up e-learning sites and tools to include: embedded video, documents, graphing tool, mind maps and questions to assess levels of understanding throughout the learning process facilitating deeper understanding of information presented
  • Creation of curricula across multiple levels of learning ensuring the individual is catered for
  • Provision of strategic advice on educational initiatives in regional markets
  • Corporate workshops, including plans and assessment tools with strategic outcomes
  • Individual coaching and training
  • Establishing coaching and training programs across a wide variety of organisations


  • Bachelor of Education, University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Science (Anatomical Sciences), University of Queensland