Our Senior Change Manager carries a broad range of experience in a number of fields including Change Management, Project Management, Customer Service, Contact Centres, Local Government and Leadership/Managerial skills.


Change Management

Successfully managing change is a challenge most organisations face on a daily basis yet it is often overlooked.

Our Senior Change Managers change management philosophy revolves around leading the change through open and honest communication with people, and ensuring people are given the information they need to progressively accept and embrace the change.

  • Change Management of Organisational Work Restructures/Work Redesigns
  • Change Management of process change involving multiple stakeholders


Project Management

The key to implementing products or services which are accepted by stakeholders, fit for purpose and meets the desired objectives are in its Project Management.

Our Senior Change Manager believes through continuous planning and communication, and constant monitoring and reporting against all project facets (including budget, milestones, actions, risks and issues) all projects can be successfully implemented from the Concept/Design Phase through to Project Finalisation and Review.

  • Diploma of Project Management
  • Successful implementation of small and large projects


Customer Service/Contact Centres

Customers, both internal and external, provide the life blood for any organisation.

Providing exceptional Customer Service experience is about putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and providing a service or solution that exceeds their expectations.

  • Over 20 years experience in Customer Service
  • Over 15 years experience in Contact Centres
  • Management of high level and complex complaints and enquiries
  • Contact Centre workforce/resource planning, operational planning, and reporting
  • Delivery of a Customer Focus training program for staff


Leadership/Managerial Skills

All organisations are only as strong and successful as their people.

Our Senior Change Manager fosters a positive work culture through engaging, empowering and developing staff to perform at their best. 

  • Over 18 years experience in managing people in various work environments and multi-disciplinary areas


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