Keegan Consulting Group is building a collaborative network of companies and organisations to deliver the highest possible outcomes for our clients using the best products in the market.  We always aim to deliver maximum benefits with minimal risks.

Our network consists of the following collaborations and memberships.


ProcessOn based in Beijing, China provides an easy-to-use, free and powerful online diagram tool offering real-time collaboration.  It provides us with the ability to invite colleagues, clients and consultants to join in a collaborative modelling process.  The online web chat tool supports real time discussions of each model, allowing for it to be modified as improvements in real-time.  


Disaster Intelligence is an Australian Company based in Brisbane, Queensland. Their experience is ‘real world’ and spans 25 years working in intelligence, public safety, emergency, and disaster management environments.



Your Project Manager is a Brisbane based company specializing in practical Project Management delivery, consultancy and training services.


‘Mediate it’ is a boutique mediation practice focusing on delivering quality and affordable mediation and alternative dispute resolution services across a variety of areas.



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