The small to medium enterprise was looking to determine overall customer service levels being provided by its sales staff. 

We were able to provide the client with a mystery shop of their employees, gauging and rating the level of customer service and satisfaction.  The employees were engaged through a range of differing media to ensure consistent response times were being adhered to.

The client was able to have a clear overview of the customer service levels being provided through a comprehensive report detailing:
-    Backstory describing the requirements needed from the employees;
-    Time, date and channel of initial contact;
-    Any additional information used to support the initial contact;
-    Phone call, SMS and e-mail log;
-    Feedback form including quality scoring and definitions used during each contact with employees.

As a result of the contact the client was able to provide feedback on customer service levels for staff targeted during the mystery shop and incorporate this into performance reviews.  The client was also able to provide new and better approaches in customer service to allow the business to have more effective engagements with customers.