The Free Trade Agreements (FTA's) provide opportunities for Australian businesses to expand into these new markets in China and Japan opening up new opportunities.  

Our language services allow you to understand and engage with your clients, whilst allowing you to follow conversation at every business meeting.  We offer a range of courses either in our boardroom or in yours and offer the option of personal one-on-one tutors taking your language skills to the next level.

Chinese and Japanese

Communicate directly with business partners and clients rather relying completely on a translator.  Learning Mandarin and Japanese with us provides you with the ability understand the nuances of the each language, providing the learner with an understanding of each unique culture.  Conduct business with confidence, without offending your business partners and hosts.

Learning a new language is done by taking small, frequent lessons to help embed the information, ready for use when you need it most.


Looking to do business in Australia?  Want to know more about our language and culture? Looking to communicate directly with the locals to invest?

We offer lessons in English language and the Australian culture allowing you to understand your new business partners.

The Benefits

  • Time friendly: 1 hour per one-on-one session or 1.5 hours per group session
  • Business-specific: Each session is tailored to the industry you are in whether it be mining, real estate or Agriculture.
  • Flexible: Sessions can be arranged to be delivered at a time convenient to you (especially if it is at your place and not ours)
  • Value-added: Learning about the culture of your selected country is included our cost.

Our Courses

All courses are offered as either group or personalised one-on-one tutorials for Japanese, Chinese and English.  

  • Group language and culture at our place (Min: 6 people, Max: 10 people)
  • Group learning and culture your business (Min: 6 people, no maximum*)
  • One-on-one tutorials at our place 
  • One-on-one tutorials in your business

*Additional fees may apply for remote locations.


Not ready to go it alone at your next client meeting?  Need your website, documents or company profile translated?  

Ask us about our translation services and project the right image for your business in the local language.


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