The public service client was seeking to obtain improvements within the employee structure of over sixty (60) FTE's in order to leverage two (2) FTE's out of the structure.  The purpose was to create flexible resources with the ability to cover each leave type with the resource being able to be move between each of the geographically remote locations.  

From this project scope, senior management, operational management and affected staff were engaged in a number of workshops discussing the existing “As-Is” and proposed “To-Be” processes.  The outcomes of the workshops clearly identified the underlying root-cause as inconsistent operating procedures across the five (5) geographically remote locations leading to work inefficiencies.  In addition, a backlog of work had accumulated from a leaner organisational work restructure conducted some twelve (12) months earlier.

Through the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in a centralized repository, we were able to achieve product improvement gains of 90% for both the Finance and General Administrative function across the regional offices through a wide-variety of process improvements.  The client was able to leverage staff out of the existing structure to cover differing types of staff absences.  In addition, due to the gains in productivity, the backlog of work was able to be reduced to zero.

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