We love drones

In the world if drones, it is getting harder and more confusing every day to make the right decisions for yourself, your business or your farm. So many decisions need to be made prior to making a purchase.

Do you find yourself struggling to cope with...

  • Centimetre resolution?

  • Hyperspectral, infrared or optical cameras?

  • Lithium-ion battery fire risk?

  • Return on investment?

  • Technology to suit individual needs and desired outcomes?

  • Transmission over long distances (within regulations)? Integration with existing technology (moisture, trough and other sensors)?

  • BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)?

  • Applying to CASA?

  • Nothing off-the-shelf which suits your requirements?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then Josh Keegan and the team from Keegan Consulting Group can help.

How Keegan Consulting Group and Josh Keegan work for you?

Josh is the Owner/Director of the group and is also passionate about drones.  He is able to draw on over 20+ years experience guiding global corporations, state and local governments and non-for-profits to achieve the necessary technological outcomes to enhance the way business is done.  He an efficiency expert at heart, coupled with over two (2) decades of industry experience he is able to guide you and your business, through the potential quagmire of getting the right drone to achieve desired outcomes.   When combined with the analysts at Keegan Consulting Group, we are able to provide realistic, real-world returns on your new investment whilst integrating your new technology with existing systems.

KCG has formed partnerships with suppliers, businesses and experts in the aviation industry to provide you and your business with solid outcomes or create the drone which is right for your needs.


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