• Are you looking to work smarter?

  • Looking to reduce overall costs and unsure of how to do it?

  • Looking for quick wins?

  • Do you have spiralling costs and looking to save money?

  • Do you have unnecessary processes which haven't changed in a decade?

  • Is your business looking to become more innovative?

  • Do you have a blue-sky model but are unsure of how to get your business from where it is today?

  • Do you understand what your current ‘As-Is’ processes look like to allow for improvement?

  • Are you looking to implement a new system and want to capture all business critical processes ensuring you maintain compliance?

We can help

We help organisations work smarter, reducing overall costs having immediate impact on the business. We first understand your ‘As-Is’ processes, determining where improvement can be made, where the risks to the business are and, what opportunities can be gained immediately (commonly called “low hanging fruit”).

Our expertise lies in the experience of our consultants who are not only experts in their respective fields, but have gained real outcomes in multiple industries by working closely with the Executive all the way through to the End User and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).

We bring our underlying expertise in Business Process Management, Business Analysis and LEAN Six Sigma to your business to identify and streamline whilst delivering tangible, realistic business benefits. Our approach is both “top-down” and “grass-roots” establishing benefits for all aspects of the enterprise no matter the role or function. Our approach is multi-faceted from one-on-one’s to group workshops to map each process.

We have found over our combined years of experience, Business Process Management works hand-in-hand with Change Management.  We have a habit of integrating Business Process Management with Change Management strategy, creating process simplification whilst successfully delivering enterprise-wide change to the business.

What we do:

  • Process Review and Redesign for the entire organisation from the bottom-up and from the top-down

  • ‘As-Is’ process mapping to provide a deeper understanding of each process, risks and opportunities presented during process discovery

  • Delivery of tangible savings in the business taking advantage of the “low hanging fruit” opportunities

  • Continuous Improvement (utilizing LEAN Six Sigma) reducing waste within the business

  • Process Simplification and Standardisation utilising centralised repositories and regular review cycles

  • Process Mining

  • Modelling Blue-Sky

  • Business Strategy and Functional Alignment

  • Project Management

  • Software Implementation

  • Change Management

  • Training and Education


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